All about the focus right?

So I know by now we already have a good base line for how to eat healthy. So why did I download this from http://www.thefitequestrian? Like I said above, it is all about focus. Just one more thing to add to my pocket. Have you searched on the web for healthy menus? I might not be searching correctly, but they really are not that easy to find. At least not in the format of the above. I am sorry I can not share with you any of the pages included in this guide. There is a disclaimer that is only for my personal use. Let me tell you though. I like it!! I highly recommend.

I struggle every day

I don’t really feel comfortable adding this analogy, however, I truly sometimes feel like I am fighting a real disease. As if I was a patient that needed to go in 3 times a week for their regular dose of Chemotherapy. I can see how depressing it must be for them during the process to under go so much. I’m sure they have many times wanted to quit, but know that they can not if they want to live their best life. I know it’s a stretch, but I feel like them. I do realize that this fight is real and will be a part of my life forever. I can not ever think of going back to drinking a bottle of wine after dinner, or running through a fast food chain because I don’t have time to eat healthy. Those days are forever over.

My fitness mentor has added the above medicine to our routine this week. I am going to incorporate this routine on the off days of weight training. Like Tuesday’s and Thursdays and the weekends. This information can be found on the website called Among many other tools to aid you.