What is in it for you?

What is your payoff? Why have you made the goals you have? So, I am going to be upfront and honest. I am taking this straight from Living by Design by Dr. Phil. What does success in your life look like for you? I’m going to keep this focused first on my riding success. Why am I doing all this? What is my payoff? The choices are as follows:

Monetary – Psychological – Spiritual – Physical – Achievement – Social

I am getting into the best shape of my life so that I can achieve my equestrian goals. It has nothing to do with money or spirituality. It will aid in my psychological make up. The journey and then finally feeling like I have attained this goal will be probably the biggest boost to my psychological self. Social? Hmmm? Will achieving this goal change my social behavior. Haven’t really thought it through. I hope not actually. I hope it doesn’t go to my head and I become something I do not want to become. Bottom line, for me, it is all about achieving something that I have always dreamed of – Finally.

Next blog I’m going to examine this same “What’s in it for me” regarding my choice of employment.