Easy on Budget/ Easy on Plan

Becoming fit has made grocery shopping super easy and meal planning the same. Pic above is super easy to do. Pic your favorite veggies (of course staying away from starchy ones) toss in a little olive oil and roast. Grill or bake lean protein and you have meals ready and adaptable. Adaptable in that these left over veggies can also be breakfast with eggs.

Okay, let me digress. I was listening to an equestrian pod cast on my way to the gym this morning and the guest speaker has a blog about equestrian outfits and how the outfits on most websites show super skinny models and how hard it is to determine how the outfit will look on a little larger of a rider. I hate to think that the equestrian world is biased and I certainly hate to think the judges participate in bias against plus size riders or even non super skinny riders expecting everyone to look like these super tall, long lean riders. I looked up the host to see what she looked like and found her Instagram and blog (Thehunt_eq) She said that she would not feel comfortable showing in an equitation class because of her size 29 curvy frame. Holy Crap!!! I would be super happy with that size 29 frame 🙂

I can see this blog morphing into how to be comfortable in your frame once you become the Fit Equestrian. Hmmm We will see once I consider myself a good example of a Fit Equestrian.