Best Work Out Ever

The Amazing Lisa (Mainstone Farm Trainer) gave me a riding lesson this morning. I have realized that I need to stay in my dressage saddle more than the jump saddle. Being out of the dressage saddle for a few days last week to take Tally over some small jumps really proved detrimental to my seat. Pinching very badly with my knees.

This is why our Lisa is so amazing. Lesson this morning was very much like talking a distraught person off the ledge. She was able to talk me back into where my legs needed to be and back to riding more with my core.

So bottom line, maybe only one day a week jumping instead of 3 days in a row.

Where am I on diet? Last week Frenchy brought home 6 week Total Body Transformation Challenge and he is doing it with me. If you want to find the plan, the print out says by Aimee Marshall We have stayed right on plan and feeling amazing.

Why Don’t We Do it Every Day?

It’s proven that a healthy lifestyle not only is just plain good for us, but it also helps with our relationships, our careers and our self esteem. So why do we slip up? Why does our Anti Self show up and why in the freak do we allow it?

Where I have grown in this journey is recognizing when I’m slipping up and find a new focus. You have read all the different things I incorporate in my day to day to help focus. I’ve added another. I purchased a juicer and yesterday this was my routine:

  1. Drank a large glass of water immediately on waking.
  2. Black Coffee 15 minutes later.
  3. Juiced : a) 2 carrots b) 2 stalks of celery c) 1/2 beet d) 1/2 apple and handful of kale. Swigged it!!
  4. Worked out (So yesterday was Sunday, so that work out was riding Tally)
  5. Ate a 3 egg omelet with Kale and tomatoes and parsley. ( over did the parsley and it was not that great but ate it anyway)
  6. Dinner was grilled Mahi with Asparagus and Avocado.
  7. Drank a glass of Cologen with water and snacked a few dark chocolate chips. (they are not that great supposedly good for you)

Yesterday’s ride was amazing. This whole new lifestyle is truly getting me closer to being The Fit Equestrian. I have a show May 25th. I am showing Tally Intro Level Test B and Test C. Test B is a breeze. Can not lie I’m afraid of Test C. There is a small Canter movement in it TWICE. Yikes. Here’s the issue: When it is time to transition down from canter to trot I completely fall apart and it looks horrible. On top of all that, I have never cantered Tally off property. It would be so completely easy for me to just say no I’m not going to do test C, but if I don’t do it at this show I truly feel all this hard work will all be for naught.