Horse Show Weekend

This will be a fun show since most of the barn will be showing as well. Since I’m not able to wrap my head around why I get so nervous, I’m putting myself in a different frame of mind for this show.

As I make that first trot down the center line to salute, these are the things that I will be running through my head.

  1. “Sit up like your sitting in a straight back chair” Boy have I heard that a lot over the last few days.
  2. “Encourage your lower leg to grip instead of your knees”
  3. “Be happy you are fortunate enough to be riding this amazing horse”
  4. “Be happy you have your health and have the ability to ride this amazing horse”
  5. “Have fun!! Smile!!!”

Why Don’t We Do it Every Day?

It’s proven that a healthy lifestyle not only is just plain good for us, but it also helps with our relationships, our careers and our self esteem. So why do we slip up? Why does our Anti Self show up and why in the freak do we allow it?

Where I have grown in this journey is recognizing when I’m slipping up and find a new focus. You have read all the different things I incorporate in my day to day to help focus. I’ve added another. I purchased a juicer and yesterday this was my routine:

  1. Drank a large glass of water immediately on waking.
  2. Black Coffee 15 minutes later.
  3. Juiced : a) 2 carrots b) 2 stalks of celery c) 1/2 beet d) 1/2 apple and handful of kale. Swigged it!!
  4. Worked out (So yesterday was Sunday, so that work out was riding Tally)
  5. Ate a 3 egg omelet with Kale and tomatoes and parsley. ( over did the parsley and it was not that great but ate it anyway)
  6. Dinner was grilled Mahi with Asparagus and Avocado.
  7. Drank a glass of Cologen with water and snacked a few dark chocolate chips. (they are not that great supposedly good for you)

Yesterday’s ride was amazing. This whole new lifestyle is truly getting me closer to being The Fit Equestrian. I have a show May 25th. I am showing Tally Intro Level Test B and Test C. Test B is a breeze. Can not lie I’m afraid of Test C. There is a small Canter movement in it TWICE. Yikes. Here’s the issue: When it is time to transition down from canter to trot I completely fall apart and it looks horrible. On top of all that, I have never cantered Tally off property. It would be so completely easy for me to just say no I’m not going to do test C, but if I don’t do it at this show I truly feel all this hard work will all be for naught.

USDF Expectations

Wonderful horse show last weekend. Tally was a rock star. No I did not ride. I am not showing USDF until I am more of the Fit Equestrian persona. There are women showing at this level that are not in tip top shape but do a phenomenal job non the less. Why is this? To show at this level takes a great deal of inner strength and self confidence. They are getting that from somewhere. Where? What is their personal routine? I think I’m going to become a Barbara Walters and interview a few of them (without them knowing my objective) to see how they are of the mindset to push through and display their confidence in a manner that shows in their ride and shows through their horse.

So similar to my day to day job. Not sure If I have mentioned that I’m a full time Mortgage Loan Officer. My clients are my relationships that feel comfortable turning their clients over to me for what is possibly one of the most stressful things they will ever go through. I have to be in tip top shape, I have to have inner strength and self confidence to carry them through. To make their situation shine from start to final clear to close.

Have you thought how this sport effects your day to day?