Horse Show Weekend

This will be a fun show since most of the barn will be showing as well. Since I’m not able to wrap my head around why I get so nervous, I’m putting myself in a different frame of mind for this show.

As I make that first trot down the center line to salute, these are the things that I will be running through my head.

  1. “Sit up like your sitting in a straight back chair” Boy have I heard that a lot over the last few days.
  2. “Encourage your lower leg to grip instead of your knees”
  3. “Be happy you are fortunate enough to be riding this amazing horse”
  4. “Be happy you have your health and have the ability to ride this amazing horse”
  5. “Have fun!! Smile!!!”

Here We Go!!!

First show on Tally since I started this journey from Fat Equestrian to Fit Equestrian. Half way through first test Tally broke and I seriously considered just walking out of the arena. We recovered enough to score a 64. Second test was Intro C and has Canters in it we scored a 63. Neither test was pretty. This judge was honestly a gift. Boy did I need the confidence gift she gave with the scores. My opinion should have been in the 50’s.

Watched the videos. I am a long way away. I’m feeling more confident in the saddle, but it truly is still not balanced. I need to push harder now. More core and more stamina.