Best Work Out Ever

The Amazing Lisa (Mainstone Farm Trainer) gave me a riding lesson this morning. I have realized that I need to stay in my dressage saddle more than the jump saddle. Being out of the dressage saddle for a few days last week to take Tally over some small jumps really proved detrimental to my seat. Pinching very badly with my knees.

This is why our Lisa is so amazing. Lesson this morning was very much like talking a distraught person off the ledge. She was able to talk me back into where my legs needed to be and back to riding more with my core.

So bottom line, maybe only one day a week jumping instead of 3 days in a row.

Where am I on diet? Last week Frenchy brought home 6 week Total Body Transformation Challenge and he is doing it with me. If you want to find the plan, the print out says by Aimee Marshall We have stayed right on plan and feeling amazing.