Your Best Self / Your Anti Self

So I totally must give credit to today’s post to Dr. Phil’s Phil in the Blanks guest today: Mike Bayer Today’s podcast resonated so much with me. If you don’t see me posting on my blog for a few days, I guaranty you it is because my Anti-Self has popped up and I am feeling guilty for letting it.

A few examples of best self and anti self in my riding:

Best self looks like this. I’m sitting up tall, Tally is in front of my leg, I’m at the barn regular, I know exactly what to do when he is not moving correctly, I’m pushing beyond my limit, I’m asking for a canter without fear.

My Anti self now looks like this. My head is down, my shoulders are not back, I’m trying to hide the fact my boobs are bouncing all over, I’m not keeping my core tight, totally not focused on keeping him on task, I give up when he gets flat and strung out, I let him stop on me.

Do you get where I’m going? My anti self is totally insecure!! My anti self in my day to day life crops up when I eat poorly, when I drink to excess, when I watch too much TV. To keep my anti self from showing up during the day, I personally need to journal, I need to read something completely positive and encouraging, I need to meditate. Focus – Focus – Focus!! Can you relate?