Meet Tally’s Trainer

I should probably also say “Meet my riding mentor”. Lisa herself was a bit heavier than she is now, so she can completely relate to my struggle and knows the payoff. (I hope she doesn’t mind me making this public) The funniest thing she said to me was “It hurts way more when you fall when you are heavy”. So, seriously, none of us ever sees ourselves falling, so not only did that scare me because it wasn’t if you fall, it was when you fall. Holy crap!!

I could truly write a whole other blog just on the rider – trainer relationship. Lisa has never made me feel like a cow on a horse. If anything, I have been holding back for quite a while because of fear of hurting him. My advise…..get to the gym and get your eating plan under control. It’s all about your core strength. To be that accomplished rider, you need to learn how to slow the trot by slowing your rise. That takes an enormous amount of strength. Something I still do not have. Planking!!! Just Plank It!!

Easy on Budget/ Easy on Plan

Becoming fit has made grocery shopping super easy and meal planning the same. Pic above is super easy to do. Pic your favorite veggies (of course staying away from starchy ones) toss in a little olive oil and roast. Grill or bake lean protein and you have meals ready and adaptable. Adaptable in that these left over veggies can also be breakfast with eggs.

Okay, let me digress. I was listening to an equestrian pod cast on my way to the gym this morning and the guest speaker has a blog about equestrian outfits and how the outfits on most websites show super skinny models and how hard it is to determine how the outfit will look on a little larger of a rider. I hate to think that the equestrian world is biased and I certainly hate to think the judges participate in bias against plus size riders or even non super skinny riders expecting everyone to look like these super tall, long lean riders. I looked up the host to see what she looked like and found her Instagram and blog (Thehunt_eq) She said that she would not feel comfortable showing in an equitation class because of her size 29 curvy frame. Holy Crap!!! I would be super happy with that size 29 frame 🙂

I can see this blog morphing into how to be comfortable in your frame once you become the Fit Equestrian. Hmmm We will see once I consider myself a good example of a Fit Equestrian.

Birds of a Feather

I’m sure you have heard how important it is to associate with like minded folks. Positive thinking folks. Well step it up a notch and get a mentor. Not just one mentor. I actually just realized this recently and it’s taken me until my ripe old age to understand completely how important mentors are in your life. For example, I have a fitness mentor, a riding mentor, and a work mentor. I probably have many more. Am I using the term mentor to loosely? Maybe, but when I think of these 3 specific important people that I have in my life right now, they deserve the title. That is how much respect I have for each of them.

My fitness mentor has taught me already in the short time I have been seeing her to take my time with each work out and not rush the progress. Pushing me a little harder each session (unless I have a bad weekend and just need a good sweat workout)

My riding mentor has taught me not to be so hard on myself and not rush the progress. The two of them really need to meet.

My work mentor? Wow!!! That can be the topic for a whole other blog. Where to begin to describe him? I can tell you this, he is completely supportive of my fitness and riding goals. Why? Because he knows that as soon as I get closer to both goal, it will filter down to my work life. I will be more self confident, happy and successful.

Oh to be 20 Again

When I was 20 and wanted to loose weight, all I had to do was think about it and be 20 pounds down in the first week. Now that I’m 50+, it has taken me a month to loose 15 pounds. From this picture it is clear that I have at minimum another 80 to go. To stay hyper focused I will be following this regimen:

Protein and Carb for breakfast or Arbonne Shake.

Snack of protein and fruit

Protein, carb and vegetable for lunch

Snack of protein or acceptable nuts

Finally, dinner of protein and vegetable. Portion control!! Portion Control!!! Water-Water-Water!! Add more cardio!!

I would really like to participate in the May 25th show, however, I will not be looking like the above picture!! Not happy with that at all.

But seriously, how cute is this Tally? Look at his sweet eye 🙂

No Money to Hire Trainer?

I was catching a quick glimpse of one of those shows that talks about latest news on actors/actresses and could not believe how quick one of them lost their “having a baby body”. Frenchy said “Darling they have a personal trainer, if you had someone pushing you to work out, you would have that body too”. Truth!!

I took an account of what I spend on wine and Starbucks and it really was a no brainer. Having my personal trainer is not breaking the budget. For this goal, for this time in my life, it is time to do all I can to make this happen. Is it hard to wake up at 5 AM? Heck Yah!! Do I want to let my trainer down? Heck No!!!

Find you someone that knows you want to be a fit equestrian. I can not say enough how lucky I am to have a trainer who is willing to learn what routines are going to get me to my goal. I love how I can already feel the difference in my stamina and my strength.

Incredible Healthy Bars

Going to go more into the eating plan provided to me later. I first want to introduce you to the incredible fitness person that is helping me on my journey. More to come on that.

Today as you know is Valentines Day. Day of chocolates, champagne, and indulgence. I did a tiny bit of that today without any guilt. I think no guilt because 5:30 AM will have me in the presence of the incredible fitness mentor that I will introduce to you later. I know! What a tease. Wish I had posted this recipe for you before today and before you were given all the temptations that this day presents. Keep it handy for this weekend. 🙂

Fat Girl In A Little Suit

This day was cross country schooling. For cross country schooling you are required to wear a protective vest. This particular vest was borrowed and I let the strings all the way out. I don’t really think you can call it a vest actually. It fit me more like a Brar. Such a lovely pic with my belly hanging out of the bottom. Our equestrian world is such a loving tight nit community, however, not one person laughed. Instead, I was told how lovely my posture was and how good of a seat I had on Tally.

I, however, decided from this point on that 2019 was going to be my year. I have been listening to Dr. Phil’s “Phil in the blanks” podcast and he really hit the nail on the head. I will do my best to quote what I heard and how it struck me. He said that if you are not completely satisfied with the way you feel then you need to put yourself on project status. Project status is you are selling your home and the garage needs to be painted for a showing on Saturday. That is project status, your new priority. There are 4 ways of being put on project status:

  1. You have been court ordered to do something. You changing will not last because you have been forced to.
  2. Your family wants you to change so you try to please them.
  3. You know in your mind that changing is really what you need to do for better health or for extending your life. Still not feeling it.
  4. When you are mentally ready. This is when real change will happen. You are looking yourself in the mirror and say I will not take this any more!! Not another minute, not another hour, not another day!!

Meet the boy

We both started our journey sadly out of shape. With the help of our marvy trainer, who I will introduce later, Tally is on his way to being in pretty darn good shape. —— Wait a minute!!! He had a trainer!! Ding Ding Ding!! Maybe I should have a trainer? Maybe a fitness trainer isn’t just for those folks that Robin Leach would talk about. HMMMMM

Fat Boots?

Your at a horse show and trailer after trailer have the latest Ariats, Donatello’s or even TuffRider. Surely I can fit into a TuffRider. I’m seriously not THAT fat. Ha!!! Oh yeah you can fit into a TuffRider. A men’s version special ordered to the tune of $400.00.

I feel guilty enough flopping this large unbalanced frame all over my lovely Tally, but now to be reminded that you are not welcome to enjoy this sport with the rest of us that are able to walk into any tack shop and fit into any and everything on the rack.

Oh the reward for transforming into Fit Equestrian from Fat Equestrian will be a drive to Dover Saddlery and purchase my first Ariat Shirt size large. Does that sound still fat to you? They run small ok??!!!