Pull the Weeds

There is this thing called Cortisol that gets released in your body when you are under stress. Cortisol blocks the good hormones you need to build and re-build after work outs etc. This is one of the main reasons everyone keeps saying that you need to de-stress your life. Find ways to manage stress. I am sure you have heard it all. I have Cortisol releasing all over me right now at the thought of trying to eliminate stress from life. I am a mortgage loan originator by day and sometimes by night as well. Most every situation has it’s stress. The appraisal comes back low, the inspections comes back with issues. These are two examples of stressors that effect the list agent (sellers rep) the buyers agent, the seller, the buyer and the list just goes on. So what do you do? Someone said today, just pull the weeds. It has to be a mind set. You are not going to allow this to effect you the way it used to.

I’m not saying that you roll over and not take charge during stressful times, just don’t dwell on it past what you have been able to control. This reaches as far as the people you have surrounding you. It really is true that you need to surround yourself with people that have like minded goals. In my situation, I’m mid 50’s and still aspire to event. Low level mind you, but the goal is still there. I’m certainly not going to surround myself with those that tell me this is extremely dangerous and for what? A ribbon?

Well that isn’t the only thing that I still plan on doing. I still plan on snow skiing, scuba diving and some jaunts on the Appalachian Trail. Pulling the weeds on situations around me that negatively impact these goals.


I have mentioned before how I have become obsessed with listening to podcasts to keep me focused on my goals. I was listening this morning to the Impact Theory Podcast by Tom Bilyeu. His guest was Naomi Whittel who I have not heard of. She talked about Autophagy more than once in the interview. I was completely intrigued. What the heck is Autophagy??? By definition it is the body’s way of cleaning out damaged cells, in order to regenerate newer, healthier cells.

I haven’t been a fan of “Fad” diets like Keto, but listening today has spurred (pardon the equestrian pun) to reconsider. Google Ms. Whittel and look at the books she has written on the subject and her thoughts on intermittent fasting and how certain diets promote Autophagy. Probably want to read a little more on the subject and benefits of Autophagy first. I plan to.

USDF Region 3

You have heard that question, What is your why? Well this is my why.

My goal is to ride this boy USDF next year training level. So every time I make bad decisions on what I eat or drink, I just think about this. Get back on track on all levels. Forgive myself for those bad decisions, stop beating myself up and get right back at it.

I have been reading about the benefits of meditating. Not only to instill emotional maturity for work, but I have read that slowing down and really enjoying a healthy diet and sort of meditating (slowing down) while eating your healthy meal has many benefits. I’m still in learn mode about this, so let me do some more trying and I’ll fill you in what happens.

P.S. Tally qualified for regionals this weekend. 🙂 Georgia here we come.

We can learn from our furry friends

Cute huh? Not always! Sometimes he can be a pain. He wakes up same time every morning to go outside. He gives me that look same time every evening when it’s time to eat. He is very predictable. He loves his routine. As we know, the most important things to him are eating, sleeping and restroom time. Rarely does he change that routine.

We can learn from this. Why can’t we dumb down our routine and stick to it. Work outs, schedule at work, time with family, what we eat and what we drink. I wonder how beneficial it would be to stay in the same predictable routine? You know like that saying: “Pick up a new habit and stick with it 30 days”. Hmm food for thought.

New tip: Quest Protein Bars. Low carbs – Tasty I’m going to try some more of their products soon.

USDF Expectations

Wonderful horse show last weekend. Tally was a rock star. No I did not ride. I am not showing USDF until I am more of the Fit Equestrian persona. There are women showing at this level that are not in tip top shape but do a phenomenal job non the less. Why is this? To show at this level takes a great deal of inner strength and self confidence. They are getting that from somewhere. Where? What is their personal routine? I think I’m going to become a Barbara Walters and interview a few of them (without them knowing my objective) to see how they are of the mindset to push through and display their confidence in a manner that shows in their ride and shows through their horse.

So similar to my day to day job. Not sure If I have mentioned that I’m a full time Mortgage Loan Officer. My clients are my relationships that feel comfortable turning their clients over to me for what is possibly one of the most stressful things they will ever go through. I have to be in tip top shape, I have to have inner strength and self confidence to carry them through. To make their situation shine from start to final clear to close.

Have you thought how this sport effects your day to day?

Lets Talk Bras

No this is not me. If I took a poll of equestrians who would rather not have breasts at all, I bet the number would be pretty high. Those of us with the kind of breasts that bounce to our chin during the sitting trot totally will understand this post. It’s all about finding that right bra. On a whim, I stopped in a Soma store a couple of weeks ago. I did not even try it on. Told the counter girl that I ride horses and need something that will keep my shoulders back and my ladies confined. She said, lets at least measure you huh? Ugh, fine, okay!!

Walked out with a new bra. Haven’t rode in it yet, so no testimonials yet. Subject came up at this weekend’s show and was also told about the above brand made by Enell. So if this Soma doesn’t do the trick, I’m down for what looks like a pretty military style, zip those puppies right up. Actually, looks like buckles right up. Kind of wish there was a zipper. After all, there was made mention of the riders who’s clips came apart and the puppies were free throughout her test. Oh my goodness, I would die. Literally!! Concussion!!

All about the focus right?

So I know by now we already have a good base line for how to eat healthy. So why did I download this from http://www.thefitequestrian? Like I said above, it is all about focus. Just one more thing to add to my pocket. Have you searched on the web for healthy menus? I might not be searching correctly, but they really are not that easy to find. At least not in the format of the above. I am sorry I can not share with you any of the pages included in this guide. There is a disclaimer that is only for my personal use. Let me tell you though. I like it!! I highly recommend.