All about the focus right?

So I know by now we already have a good base line for how to eat healthy. So why did I download this from http://www.thefitequestrian? Like I said above, it is all about focus. Just one more thing to add to my pocket. Have you searched on the web for healthy menus? I might not be searching correctly, but they really are not that easy to find. At least not in the format of the above. I am sorry I can not share with you any of the pages included in this guide. There is a disclaimer that is only for my personal use. Let me tell you though. I like it!! I highly recommend.

These Choices

If you live near a Publix, in the deli section they have these amazing Protein Bowls. Pretty filling. I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of Kale. When eating in this way, however, it’s not bad. I think your digestive system has to work overtime to digest it, so my mind tells me I’m churning more calories eating it.

So if you don’t have a Publix, this salad has in it Kale, Chicken, Walnuts, Quinoa, Roasted Sweet Potato and Cranberries. It came with a Raspberry Vinegar. I did not us that much of that and it was still good.

First Day Back

Like a number of people surrounding me, last week I caught the crud. Not sure exactly why I didn’t ride, why I didn’t work out and I why I didn’t physically show up for work. It wasn’t the flu. I wasn’t running a super high temp. I just felt like super crap. I also did not want to infect those around me. Not only did I not work out, I did not eat super healthy either.

Monday is here and I am back in routine. Thought it would super suck not working out for an entire week. It wasn’t that bad. It felt great actually. Felt good that I did not let a pity party overcome by goals. Instead, I’m back at it. I’m focused for work too. I’m super thankful that I have a boss that is always on his A game and always pushing us all to be our best. Who has a boss that sends out text messages at 9PM reminding you to get a good nights sleep to be super focused for Monday? I have had some superior bosses in the past, but this one is by far in a league of his own. So, I’m drinking my smoothie and mentally preparing for the rest of today. Not going to stress out about the rest of the week, just focusing on today.

It’s a choice. Choose not to beat yourself up about short falls. Choose to stay on track. Remember it’s your new lifestyle.

What a Plateau

Sweaty day at the barn. I am on what seems like a forever plateau right now. I’m not rattled, I haven’t been able to wear these particular riding pants for over a year so I know the inches are really coming off. They say, muscle weighs more than fat. Also heard that was a big myth. So, what am I going to do about this seemingly endless plateau? Work the plan!!! No resting on my laurels on the weekends. Take my work out medicine.

I have to tell you that today’s ride was better. Tally has been abruptly stopping on me. Trainer said I’m probably pinching with my knees (bad riding bear back habit) Well here is another tip. Fitness mentor read somewhere for me that leg extensions are NOT one of the exercises for a knee pincher like me . I can still do inners and outers, but I really need to concentrate even more on the core. I hope that was proved today and I’m on the right path. Would love someone else’s validation.

I struggle every day

I don’t really feel comfortable adding this analogy, however, I truly sometimes feel like I am fighting a real disease. As if I was a patient that needed to go in 3 times a week for their regular dose of Chemotherapy. I can see how depressing it must be for them during the process to under go so much. I’m sure they have many times wanted to quit, but know that they can not if they want to live their best life. I know it’s a stretch, but I feel like them. I do realize that this fight is real and will be a part of my life forever. I can not ever think of going back to drinking a bottle of wine after dinner, or running through a fast food chain because I don’t have time to eat healthy. Those days are forever over.

My fitness mentor has added the above medicine to our routine this week. I am going to incorporate this routine on the off days of weight training. Like Tuesday’s and Thursdays and the weekends. This information can be found on the website called Among many other tools to aid you.

The Tortoise and the Hare

Started this journey about the 2nd week of January. Today was weigh in and measurement day. No you will not know my new weight, but I can announce that I have lost over 8 inches. Like the Tortoise, slow and steady right? Adding more of the above to my diet. If you will notice, there is a good amount of meat left on that apple. ( I love me some Tally) Nothing like a good nicker from him when walking into the barn. Yes!! Alright already!! It is a nicker attained by much spoiling and coddling. Nicker non the less.

The Green Book

As you may know, this movie won the best picture award during this latest 2019 Oscar award show. I haven’t seen it, so I had no idea what it was about. Well, Lo and behold, listening to the recent NPR Podcast they interviewed Yoruba Richens about her documentary called The Green Book – Guide to Freedom.

The Green Book, as it turns out, was a book that was published for African Americans to find locations to dine, lodge and shop safely. I feel like Equestrians need a book like this. We are often miss understood and certainly a minority. What would be in our book? First thing I would put in our book is a list of doctors and chiropractors. My recent visit to my cardiologist (because I’m the fat equestrian) went like this: Wow your blood pressure is really doing good, what have you added to your routine. Well Dr. I’m riding my horse more often. That’s not exercise, the horse is doing all the work. hmmmfff

Then I would add a list of hair dressers. I would like to go to someone that can suggest a cute style by day that will tuck nicely under my riding helmet for events. Does that even exist? I know, I know you have wear that I’m a thespian do rag and going to have a wig on hair thing. Still!!!

Next I would have a list of restaurants that cater to parking duallys. I bet you $50 restaurants in Texas know how to lay out a parking lot for their folks.

Lastly for now, but not least (this isn’t necessarily for me) a list of dating sights with men who understand that our horse comes first, horse poop smells amazing, hay all over our clothes is a given and our idea of a great weekend is at a horse show.


This word means so many things. For the equestrian it means getting stronger to improve our balance on the horse because for Pete’s sake he has enough on his plate from our mixed signals. He shouldn’t have to balance us too.

I also think of the word moderation when I think of balance. Carbs in moderation. Twelve hour work days in moderation. Play time in moderation. Minimalizing the house in moderation.

Listening to pod cast on my way to work out this morning and it was talking about the perfect work out for loosing weight. There isn’t one they said. Instead: “Individual Results May Vary”. You might think that all cardio is going to burn fat off the fastest, but truth is, resistance training is super important to build the muscles at the same time so as not to loose too much of your important muscles. Boy that sounded confusing, so, BALANCE.

I’m going to cut out all carbs so I can burn fat faster. With the knowledge that “Individual Results May Vary” that might not be the smartest approach. Especially if you are adding resistance training, I really think your going to need some carbs so your trips to the gym won’t be for naught. I’d hate to see the trainer picking you up off the floor because you don’t have the energy needed to do your workout. Again, BALANCE.

So physical balance is just as important as life balance. They really work hand in hand.

Focus with Podcasts

I personally have just started back in the routine of listening to Podcasts as I drive. I find them to be an excellent tool to keep me on track and laser focused. Above is a new one I started listening to this week. Today’s Podcast talked about a gentlemen that lost 70 pounds. What struck me the most was when he said he put in countless hours working out. It struck me because I wonder if I could be doing more? The other point made was now that he is at his goal weight, the work does not stop. He is continually battling to stay in shape and on target. So, when they say this is a lifestyle change. Holy smokes!! They mean it!!

A few other Podcasts I suggest to keep you motivated are the following: The Dressage Radio Show, The Equestrian Podcast, Daily Strides Podcast and of course my favorite – Dr. Phil’s Phil in the Blanks.

Vive La Difference

For my non-horsey followers the first saddle is a dressage saddle and the second one is a jump saddle. I recently purchased a dressage saddle and really struggled. It honestly felt horrible. Mentioned this to my fitness mentor and as said before she looked up specific exercises to increase my strength. Problem solved!! Feeling really confident in my dressage saddle and stronger. So, this morning I rode in my trusty jump saddle. Oh my goodness!! I’m seriously laughing as I’m typing this. Tally would not trot!! It seems that I’m gripping with my knees and that is the cue in a dressage saddle to stop. UGH!!!! I really don’t think it’s a gym issue. Anyone have any suggestions of what I can add to my work out to strengthen now my lower leg so I’m not pinching with my knee?

Note to self, ride every Saturday in jump saddle so as not to miss the feel for when we need to jump.