Best Work Out Ever

The Amazing Lisa (Mainstone Farm Trainer) gave me a riding lesson this morning. I have realized that I need to stay in my dressage saddle more than the jump saddle. Being out of the dressage saddle for a few days last week to take Tally over some small jumps really proved detrimental to my seat. Pinching very badly with my knees.

This is why our Lisa is so amazing. Lesson this morning was very much like talking a distraught person off the ledge. She was able to talk me back into where my legs needed to be and back to riding more with my core.

So bottom line, maybe only one day a week jumping instead of 3 days in a row.

Where am I on diet? Last week Frenchy brought home 6 week Total Body Transformation Challenge and he is doing it with me. If you want to find the plan, the print out says by Aimee Marshall We have stayed right on plan and feeling amazing.

Everyday with Ed

I get a lot of inspiration for posts from listening to my pod casts. This morning I was listening to Dr. Phil interview Mitch Albom about various books he has written, Tuesdays with Morrie is one of them. Mitch himself suffered a loss and he discusses that in the podcast. He speaks about how utterly helpless he felt holding his daughter as she took her last breath. That really hit home this morning.

I lost my Ed to pancreatic cancer on my birthday, which is coming up. The next few weeks have always been very hard and now I think I understand why it will always be very hard. Mitch hit the nail right on the head. Everything in our brains tell us that there was not a thing we could do to change the inevitable, but we have this horrible feeling that can not be shaken that we did not do enough. There had to something else that we could have done. Re running the last few months over and over in our heads on what we could have done better.

Four years later, I know now that Ed’s passing is why I am riding again. Do not wait for the opportune time to do what you love. Do it now!!! Enjoy it now. Take those trips you have dreamed about. No more procrastinating. Someone else is not going to schedule it for you.

Show #2 Blazing Saddles

Blazing Saddles it was. Super hot show. Super fun though. Had 5 of us total at Sunday’s show. Lisa showed Tally First Level and she gave a blue ribbon performance. I rode Intro C for the second time. It was better than our first show, however, on the second circle in the middle I totally lost my stirrup and for some reason I can not regain my stirrup while he is moving. I have always been able to do that before. Not sure what the deal is. I guess I need to practice that. All in all though, I also received a 1st place with a score of 69.3. Mrs Clause was the judges name. (ha ha)

Not riding him today to give him a break. When I do ride again, we are going back in the jump saddle to start working on small jumps. Just don’t want him getting totally burnt out on doing the same thing all the time.

Horse Show Weekend

This will be a fun show since most of the barn will be showing as well. Since I’m not able to wrap my head around why I get so nervous, I’m putting myself in a different frame of mind for this show.

As I make that first trot down the center line to salute, these are the things that I will be running through my head.

  1. “Sit up like your sitting in a straight back chair” Boy have I heard that a lot over the last few days.
  2. “Encourage your lower leg to grip instead of your knees”
  3. “Be happy you are fortunate enough to be riding this amazing horse”
  4. “Be happy you have your health and have the ability to ride this amazing horse”
  5. “Have fun!! Smile!!!”


I can report that the last few months activities have been working like a charm. My ability to trot for long periods of time have pretty much doubled. My transitions from trot to canter are getting much better. Still work in progress, but much better never the less.

Work out coach sent me this the other day, so sharing for everyone.