Meet my new favorite Instagram Sight

I apologize for the poor quality of this picture. I blame my lack of computer skills. Ya’ll are pretty lucky I’m blogging at all.

Well with the permission of my new favorite Instagram user, I would like to introduce you to @ride_above_hate_ . Kylie also has a website Not only does she have a super cute horse, this gal is a great rider. I look forward to following her and reading her posts.

There is one particular post of hers that I just read that honestly hurt my heart. I had read on another page that there has been some cyber bullying happening in the equestrian Instagram community. I personally have not seen it. I feel personally bullied enough just with the lack of plus sized clothes and equipment available let alone someone attacking me on my blog or Instagram. I really thought equestrians were above this. Mind you, I’m not an ostrich with my head in the sand, I’m sure there are gals laughing at me at the shows when I can’t hear them, but to boldly attack someone on Instagram is appalling. I agree completely with Kylie when she says ” Why can’t people just be nice. Guys this sport is hard, it’s dangerous, it’s demanding, it can kill you and we all do it for the horses. We NEED to support each other, we NEED to encourage each other, we need to remember why we started in this industry in the first place. Be kind. Please. Do it for the child inside you who fell in love with horses and never looked back. “

Well said Kylie!!!

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