First Day Back

Like a number of people surrounding me, last week I caught the crud. Not sure exactly why I didn’t ride, why I didn’t work out and I why I didn’t physically show up for work. It wasn’t the flu. I wasn’t running a super high temp. I just felt like super crap. I also did not want to infect those around me. Not only did I not work out, I did not eat super healthy either.

Monday is here and I am back in routine. Thought it would super suck not working out for an entire week. It wasn’t that bad. It felt great actually. Felt good that I did not let a pity party overcome by goals. Instead, I’m back at it. I’m focused for work too. I’m super thankful that I have a boss that is always on his A game and always pushing us all to be our best. Who has a boss that sends out text messages at 9PM reminding you to get a good nights sleep to be super focused for Monday? I have had some superior bosses in the past, but this one is by far in a league of his own. So, I’m drinking my smoothie and mentally preparing for the rest of today. Not going to stress out about the rest of the week, just focusing on today.

It’s a choice. Choose not to beat yourself up about short falls. Choose to stay on track. Remember it’s your new lifestyle.

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