The Green Book

As you may know, this movie won the best picture award during this latest 2019 Oscar award show. I haven’t seen it, so I had no idea what it was about. Well, Lo and behold, listening to the recent NPR Podcast they interviewed Yoruba Richens about her documentary called The Green Book – Guide to Freedom.

The Green Book, as it turns out, was a book that was published for African Americans to find locations to dine, lodge and shop safely. I feel like Equestrians need a book like this. We are often miss understood and certainly a minority. What would be in our book? First thing I would put in our book is a list of doctors and chiropractors. My recent visit to my cardiologist (because I’m the fat equestrian) went like this: Wow your blood pressure is really doing good, what have you added to your routine. Well Dr. I’m riding my horse more often. That’s not exercise, the horse is doing all the work. hmmmfff

Then I would add a list of hair dressers. I would like to go to someone that can suggest a cute style by day that will tuck nicely under my riding helmet for events. Does that even exist? I know, I know you have wear that I’m a thespian do rag and going to have a wig on hair thing. Still!!!

Next I would have a list of restaurants that cater to parking duallys. I bet you $50 restaurants in Texas know how to lay out a parking lot for their folks.

Lastly for now, but not least (this isn’t necessarily for me) a list of dating sights with men who understand that our horse comes first, horse poop smells amazing, hay all over our clothes is a given and our idea of a great weekend is at a horse show.

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