This word means so many things. For the equestrian it means getting stronger to improve our balance on the horse because for Pete’s sake he has enough on his plate from our mixed signals. He shouldn’t have to balance us too.

I also think of the word moderation when I think of balance. Carbs in moderation. Twelve hour work days in moderation. Play time in moderation. Minimalizing the house in moderation.

Listening to pod cast on my way to work out this morning and it was talking about the perfect work out for loosing weight. There isn’t one they said. Instead: “Individual Results May Vary”. You might think that all cardio is going to burn fat off the fastest, but truth is, resistance training is super important to build the muscles at the same time so as not to loose too much of your important muscles. Boy that sounded confusing, so, BALANCE.

I’m going to cut out all carbs so I can burn fat faster. With the knowledge that “Individual Results May Vary” that might not be the smartest approach. Especially if you are adding resistance training, I really think your going to need some carbs so your trips to the gym won’t be for naught. I’d hate to see the trainer picking you up off the floor because you don’t have the energy needed to do your workout. Again, BALANCE.

So physical balance is just as important as life balance. They really work hand in hand.

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