Focus with Podcasts

I personally have just started back in the routine of listening to Podcasts as I drive. I find them to be an excellent tool to keep me on track and laser focused. Above is a new one I started listening to this week. Today’s Podcast talked about a gentlemen that lost 70 pounds. What struck me the most was when he said he put in countless hours working out. It struck me because I wonder if I could be doing more? The other point made was now that he is at his goal weight, the work does not stop. He is continually battling to stay in shape and on target. So, when they say this is a lifestyle change. Holy smokes!! They mean it!!

A few other Podcasts I suggest to keep you motivated are the following: The Dressage Radio Show, The Equestrian Podcast, Daily Strides Podcast and of course my favorite – Dr. Phil’s Phil in the Blanks.

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