Vive La Difference

For my non-horsey followers the first saddle is a dressage saddle and the second one is a jump saddle. I recently purchased a dressage saddle and really struggled. It honestly felt horrible. Mentioned this to my fitness mentor and as said before she looked up specific exercises to increase my strength. Problem solved!! Feeling really confident in my dressage saddle and stronger. So, this morning I rode in my trusty jump saddle. Oh my goodness!! I’m seriously laughing as I’m typing this. Tally would not trot!! It seems that I’m gripping with my knees and that is the cue in a dressage saddle to stop. UGH!!!! I really don’t think it’s a gym issue. Anyone have any suggestions of what I can add to my work out to strengthen now my lower leg so I’m not pinching with my knee?

Note to self, ride every Saturday in jump saddle so as not to miss the feel for when we need to jump.

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