No Money to Hire Trainer?

I was catching a quick glimpse of one of those shows that talks about latest news on actors/actresses and could not believe how quick one of them lost their “having a baby body”. Frenchy said “Darling they have a personal trainer, if you had someone pushing you to work out, you would have that body too”. Truth!!

I took an account of what I spend on wine and Starbucks and it really was a no brainer. Having my personal trainer is not breaking the budget. For this goal, for this time in my life, it is time to do all I can to make this happen. Is it hard to wake up at 5 AM? Heck Yah!! Do I want to let my trainer down? Heck No!!!

Find you someone that knows you want to be a fit equestrian. I can not say enough how lucky I am to have a trainer who is willing to learn what routines are going to get me to my goal. I love how I can already feel the difference in my stamina and my strength.

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